Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Update

So here we are 7 weeks left in this pregnancy. And I'm sure the last 7 weeks are just going to be miserable (seeing as how the first 33 weeks have been miserable, I would expect nothing less from one of my pregnancies.) Don't let my facial expression fool you in the picture below!

On top of the normal stresses of pregnancy the fact that Doug and I were completely incapable of picking a name for this baby drove me INSANE. I'm not one of those people that can wait and people kept saying, well you could just see what he looks like when he's born, but the problem with that is to me--babies all look the same when their born. Even my own kids just looked like babies :) So we've been going back and forth since we found out.

When we were down in Las Vegas I took this picture with my sister in law, Debbie, and asked people's advice, we thought we had it narrowed down to Archer and Emmett. But Doug was just unable to commit to either of the names.

So finally we set ourselves a deadline. We knew a couple people getting their gender ultrasound in April and we wanted to make sure we had our name in place before they found out and somehow picked the one name we might have agreed on. We finally came up with--

Phew! So baby number 3 is going to be Landon Douglas. And not just "the baby" anymore :)


  1. YAY! and I love it! Landon Douglas goes so well together- we can't wait for him to arrive! oh, and your pics are so beautiful!

  2. You look smokin' in these pictures!