Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Birthday!

The Sunday night before Addison's actual birthday we had her cousins come down for dinner and cheesecake (with no strawberries per Addison's request). We had a really fun time and she got to open a bunch of presents :)

Then Monday morning we did the presents from us and Weston. We got them turtles :) Rock and Shelly, Shelly is Addison's and Rock is Weston's. They named them all by themselves :)

And then Weston got Addison a new dolphin beanie baby that he picked out by himself too. She was just as excited by this as she was by the turtles...oh well :)

And then she was excited to get to see her name on the local PBS station :)

On her birthday she was assigned to snack too so we took in cake pops and she got to wear a crown for the day, green of course! Then with her party that following Saturday it was truly a week of birthday celebration :)


  1. Thanks, for sharing all this! Wish we could have been there, too!

  2. I will NEVER forget how happy Addison was when we all opened the presents she gave us at Christmas. This made me think of that for some reason..